Life Church Pastor Shane Simmons Dies of Cancer at 51 2:00PM EDT 3/26/2013    Nicole Lange

Shane Simmons, lead pastor of Life Church in Auburndale, Fla., passed away Sunday from prostate cancer at the age of 51. Simmons was the son-in-law of Karl Strader, formerly the senior pastor of Carpenter’s Home Church in Lakeland, Fla.

Simmons spent the past seven years in Auburndale after planting Life Church, which saw its congregation grow from 50 to 600 during that time. He had previously planted 15 churches in Nicaragua after serving for more than 20 years as youth pastor, worship leader and executive pastor at Carpenter’s.

“Life Church experienced phenomenal growth in Auburndale. Shane’s strengths—his relational abilities and his gift of worship—helped that along quite a bit,” said Stephen Strader, Simmons’ brother-in-law, with whom he served at Carpenter’s. “He really knew how to worship.”

Simmons was diagnosed with cancer nearly a year ago. Strader said he had been in and out of the pulpit during the past 12 months.

Simmons is survived by his wife of 30 years, Dawn; his daughter, Brooklyn; his son, Baron; and his parents, Rev. Bobby and Carol Simmons of Auburndale.

“It’s been pretty devastating for our family,” Strader said, “especially my baby sister, his wife. “It’s really been kind of a shock because we were praying and believing for complete healing and restoration in his body. It wasn’t until about the last 30 days that we came to realize that it was a desperate situation. This has really impacted his church quite a bit, too.”



Daniel Strader’s brother, Stephen Strader and his sisters, Karla and Dawn, also wrote a letter  which was also reprinted in the Ledger. The letter solicited funds for Strader’s legal defense. Investigators were charging him with 259 felony counts and for scheming to defraud Central Florida’s elderly residents. The letter didn’t talk about the real victims of Dan’s crimes but stated:

“Dan is facing bankruptcy and life imprisonment because of mistakes he made in his business. Because of these mistakes and the economy, some of  Dan’s business clients have suffered losses. While many of these good people have been willing to give Dan the opportunity to recovery financially, others have been unwilling or unable to give Dan more time to make things right.

The  system  which holds Dan’s fate in its hands seems almost sinister in its inclination, conscious or not to damage Dad and the church. The press and some of Dan’s investors have not hesitated to drag out Dad and the Church into the mire.”

All we want for Danny is that he be treated fairly, and that he be given the opportunity to set things right. He has been faithful to the Church and to his small family [ whose electricity was cut off 14 times in one year because of non payment of bills by Dan ]. He loves God and feels the call of God on his life. He is seeking the Lord now more than ever in his 6 by 10 cell with only his Bible. Being human, Danny  has made mistakes, but he is sincere in his desire to make things right. He wants all of his investors and business associates to be made whole.”

Our reasons for contacting you is to let you know about this trouble, because we know that you will want to show your love and support to our parents. We also want you to know how critical this situation is. Dan has no money, and cannot afford to pay a qualified lawyer to defend himself. Our parents cannot afford to handle  the expenses of Danny’s defense by themselves.”

Mary wrote a letter to the Editor titled “Strader gutless, selfish” which was printed in February, 1995, in the Ledger, concerning Daniel’s decision to withdraw his guilty plea. For Strader was accused of soliciting investments in income producing properties and in his company and instead the money was converted to cash and deposited for his personal use and pleaded guilty. She stated:

 A truly revolting and shameful display. The Reverend Strader should be double ashamed – not only did he raise a criminal, he raised a gutless selfish whiner.

Later, we were to learn that  Dan’s  parents, the Straders,  lived in a debt free  $400,000 home on a lake next to a golf course drove two luxury towncars and made a salary in the six figure bracket not including special perks.

While other parents, who sold their homes and possessions to help one of their daughters or sons in their time of trouble, the Straders in their usual style asked others to contribute and made only  small token contributions themselves. For their other children protested that dad was not to spend their inheritance in defending Dan.

If Dan was innocent as Pastor Karl Strader said many times, why didn’t Karl Strader, as a concerned parent sell any of his assets, especially the luxury towncars to help him? This was something that haunted me and spoke loudly to me that  something was really wrong in the pastor’s behavior and actions as a Christian.

Dan Strader, who earned  in prison in Florida a Master’s degree in Theology plans to co-author a book with his father,his silent thieving partner.

Dan cannot accept the fact of his guilt in real crimes of praying with and preying on the members of his father’s church with the help of his father. Deceived Dan doesn’t understand that God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble for Roy Aldrich, a retired school teacher, died prematurely at the age 65, as a direct result of the stress and betrayal by his friend and pastor, Karl Strader, and the deeds and actions of his son, Daniel Strader. Roy wrote the following:

Dan Strader was convicted of stealing our life savings of $ 100,000.00 by using lies and deceit and since your question about the effect on our lives is probably the must important factor to you and the Parole Commission, let me simply repeat the words of Jerry Hill, state attorney of Polk County: “The crimes of Dan Strader have done more damage to more elderly people than any homicide that I have prosecuted “

 Dan’s thefts have forced us to sell our house and most of our personal possessions and move into a trailer. He has shown absolutely no remorse and Judge Robert Doyel who presided over this case stated: “The first step toward rehabilitation is admission of wrong doing, and therefore I feel that Dan Strader will never be rehabilitated.”

 What Mr. Strader did was calculated and carefully planned with a willful disregard for the lives of others to such an unbelievable degree of extremity that my wife and I still cannot understand why anyone would try to destroy us in this fashion, especially since we had given faithful service to the Carpenter’s Church in Lakeland pastored by Karl Strader, Dan’s Father.

 The leadership of the Assembly of God denomination both in Lakeland and Missouri would not accept the testimony of Roy Aldrich that he was robbed and raped by money changers and wolves in sheep’s clothing in the house of God. But the State of Florida who cared about justice, righteousness and truth accepted the words and testimony of Roy Aldrich about the Strader’s.

 The State prosecutors proved their case and convinced the jurors that Dan Strader devised an elaborate scheme to attract cash in the real-estate and mortgage investments. He was selling the securities without a license and that the securities were unregistered. This was done in an organized method amounting to Racketeer-Influence and Corrupt Organizations, or RICO Act.

 As a result Daniel Strader, 37, was sentenced to 45 years in prison in August 1995. He was convicted of 238 felony counts for bilking 57 mostly elderly investors, some members of the church, out of $2.3 million by selling investments in properties that didn’t exist or already had liens against them.

 Roy and Patricia Aldrich of Lakeland, a wonderful couple, were among the elderly who were members of the Assembly of God and Carpenter’s Home Church, Lakeland, Florida who were deeply hurt. Roy had written to important and influential people at AG, including District Superintendent Don Lunsford and General Superintendent Thomas Trask, requesting their help concerning Pastor Karl Strader. But they didn’t get true justice!

 But the evil and wicked deeds of Dan Strader and his 238 counts of theft, fraud and racketeering will continue to haunt Carpenter’s Home Church in Lakeland. Although Dan appealed his conviction the 2nd District Court of Appeal upheld the conviction and sentence in 1996. In 1999, Strader began a new appeal, contending he didn’t get adequate representation from his lawyer, Jack Edmund of Bartow, during the 1995 trial. Strader alleged that his accomplice Pernice lied in his testimony during the trial at the prompting of prosecutors. NOT INNOCENT




Chapter 6 Who is My Neighbor

But he, wanting to justify himself, said to Jesus, “And who is my neighbor?” Then Jesus answered and said: “A certain man went down from Jerusalem to Jericho, and fell among thieves, who stripped him of his clothing, wounded him, and departed, leaving him half dead. (Luke 10:29-30)

         Roy and Patrica Aldrich were school teachers who loved children very much. They weren’t rich and famous and not young anymore. They had devoted their entire lives to helping and teaching children.

I was later to observe how Roy would play with my son and daughter, and spent time with them in an understanding and loving way, that even I, as their father, didn’t do. They treated my children as equals, as persons of worth. They loved to collect things, to admire the beauty of the birds at Busch Gardens, and the wonder and adventure of Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom and other parks. To all of these famous parks they had season passes and enjoyed them continually.

Patricia was a school teacher with over 20 years of teaching experience, when Pastor Karl Strader, in the Spring of 1987, called her and asked if she would come to work for him in a full time volunteer capacity. Pat and Roy loved and respected Karl’s ministry and wanted to be a part of Carpenter’s Home Church, so they sold their home, said good-bye to their life long friends and moved to Lakeland.

Patricia worked for Pastor Karl as a “Ghost writer,” composing letters to members of the congregation and many others around the world, to which the senior Pastor often only  signed his name. He obviously, trusted her skill and character because he rarely questioned what she wrote on his behalf.

Patricia also supervised the twenty-four hour Prayer Tower ministry, worked on the church and radio switchboards, supervised the large bulk mailings, taught dance technique, and choreographed several church musical presentations, putting in more than forty hours of volunteer work each week. The latter, took a tremendous amount of work and dedication. Former staff members who were close to pastor Karl Strader, stated  that even Karl’s many religious books were  written by ghost writers.

Out of love and respect for his senior pastor, Roy gave Karl a gift to which Karl responded in November 15, 1988, and stated, “Thank you for the beautiful figurine. I have placed it in my office. May God bless you, Roy, for your love and for your kindness.” Ironically, the figurine was of David slaying Goliath with the Inscription, “No weapon formed against you shall prosper.” A few years later Roy would be come David and Karl, Goliath.

When problems arose in the church, in 1989, Roy and Patricia wrote a letter making over two thousand people aware that their beloved Pastor’s ministry was at stake. As a result of this letter they mobilized many of those who didn’t go to church business meetings, and they became supporters of Karl without knowing all the facts, and in consequence the vote went in his favor. Karl Strader could state that the Aldrich letter saved his ministry.

When the 1989, church split, caused problems for Evangel Christian School, Patricia  taught for one year as a volunteer and four more years as a paid teacher. Much of that time, she continued all of her previous volunteer activities. Dedicated, sincere and hard working people like the Aldriches are hard to find, and the Straders used them to their full advantage.

The following letter was not the first letter that Roy wrote to Karl about Dan because on November 14, 1991, Roy wrote a letter to Karl about a lengthy discussion they had concerning Roy’s favorite subject–that the church should not charge high ticket prices for it’s religious concerts.

November 14, 1991

Dear Pastor Strader:

You should be informed that Danny, with whom I meet now and then, read the letter that I submitted to you on ticket sales with the only and express purpose of determining if it sounded like my comments came from a hostile context.

He said that although my thoughts were strongly stated, he did not object to the spirit with which I wrote, and so I asked him to drop it off to you.

I respect his opinion to the extent that had he objected to my tone, I would definitely have either rewritten it or not submitted it at all.

I do not envy you getting so many unsolicited opinions from so many sources from folks who hopefully are striving, along with you, for a sense of direction for our church.

I personally shrink back from stepping forward against what is obviously established practice at the church. That action takes me out of my comfort zone and into a position that often times is fueled by ego and not God.

There are some among us, including me, who have definitive answers on matters of many opinions – concepts that are not specifically defined in Scripture.

I know that you want what is best for our church and I am thankful that you are open to my ideas along that line.

In Christ, Roy Aldrich

Dan Strader begged Roy to lend him a $100,000.00, for a short term loan of one month, for a specific purpose. His partner Gary Pernice, was negotiating an airship deal between Martin-Marietta and a buyer of blimps, and told Pat and Roy that their funds wouldn’t be co-mingled with other Interstate funds.

Out of love, respect, friendship and trust for the Straders, and a chance to make some profit  from a one month loan,  they agreed, and  on December 20, 1993, the year of the so-called “Revival” in Carpenter’s Home Church, Dan scribbled a promissory note on paper and signed it. Later, he faxed it to his partner, Pernice, in Atlanta, for his signature and then gave it to Roy. The $100,000 was to be returned no later than January 20, 1994. When the money was not repaid by the promised date, the Aldriches became apprehensive and concerned.

Now it seems that in the state of Florida there are many so-called Christians who approach unsuspecting, sincere and naive fellow Christians for the purpose of getting an unsecured loan, or raising capital for a mortgage on a property.

Conveniently, for these con-artists these agreements are not notarized or recorded, but the unsuspecting target of this scam accepts the word of a so-called Christian, such as a handshake or a scribbled note, like Dan did, as security. Interest is paid at first, until the scoundrel gets into trouble and then the innocent trusting Christian loses his or her money as a result.

It seems that this practice was going on in Carpenter’s Home Church when we were there, and some of the luxury cars that were on the lot belonged to those who raised capital or unsecured loans, from other unsuspecting Christians, using this method to obtain funds.

Many hurt Christians because they were Christian, wouldn’t go to the authorities, though they were robbed, they wanted to “leave it in the Lord’s hands.”  This is a phrase often heard in Christian circles. This was very convenient for scoundrels like Dan Strader, until Roy did more than just trust the Lord but took it to the authorities.

Roy Aldrich, who could express himself extremely well when he wrote, decided to wrote a letter on February 3, 1994, to Pastor Karl Strader, where he clearly outlined the problem that they were having in getting the pastor’s son to return their funds. From then on, Dan and Karl Strader would avoid dealing or speaking to them, and turned a deaf ear to the problem.

Karl finally responded on February 24, 1994, and falsely accused the Aldriches of knowingly accepting “high risk” in dealing with his son. [Court documents later would show, from testimonies of others that, Dan Strader would state to them that there were no risks involved, the investments were safe and he would guarantee them personally.]

Roy wrote to Karl on March 2, 1994, the following:

“In retrospect, is the worst judgment call of my life going to be that I believed your son on December 20, 1993? What does that tell you about the high regard we have for him when just a few days before he had issued three bad checks to us. We believed him then and with some additional safeguards we will believe him again.”

Roy was also to write the following that month and little did he realize how true his words were:

“What is God’s reaction to evil, robbery, misrepresentation, oppressing old people and murder. That’s right murder, because severe blows such as Patty and  I are being dealt, can easily be mortal wounds as people are apparently shredded of their live savings and exposed to the personal trauma of not being able to recover their funds.

Dan Strader, shortly thereafter made false promises to the Aldriches, that he would repay them, and funds would be transferred to their account on March 3, 1994. All of this created an emotional trauma and devastated Patricia and Roy. Out of hurt and in desperation, they went to the media on March 4, 1994, specifically “The Ledger” of Lakeland, who released their story to the public.

When it became apparent to Carpenter’s Home Church, that the media was involved a meeting was arranged with the Secretary-Treasurer, and Associate Pastor of CHC, to discuss the matter with Roy and Patricia, of what the pastor’s son had done to them. These staff members were more upset that Roy had gone to the media than the substance of his complaint.

Roy Aldrich wrote sixteen letters to his Pastor Karl Strader, between February and June, 1994, concerning what Dan Strader had done to the Aldriches and Karl Strader still maintained throughout 1994, that he was not aware what Dan had done wrong.

On April 4, 1994, Roy wrote the following remark to Karl which would proved to be true in the courts:

“Dan Strader deliberately destroyed the Aldriches financially by taking our $ 100,000.00 which was clearly designated for one purpose and using it for other purposes without our knowledge or permission, never realizing that such a dastardly and fraudulent act was destined to become public knowledge within just a few weeks.

This action is not the result of a “bad business deal but rather a wanton act of deception and deceit and aggression against us personally, a terrorist act which for the past months has caused us immense personal grief and consternation.

It is beyond my ability to imagine that our being in Lakeland because of the church and the Strader’s would result in one of the Strader’s destroying our lives.”

On April 15, 1994, Roy wrote the following remarks, trying to explain what happened and to use their friend Karl’s help to salvage something, and possibly influence his son to return the money:

“Initially we came to Lakeland because of your ministry, to put it in simple terms, and your creating a job for Patricia in order that we might feel accepted, a seed that you planted had a harvest, we feel, at the time we fought to preserve your continuance as senior pastor of our church.

When I ask you to put in a word for us with Dan, I am asking for something very effective because if one thing is true of your son, he respects you and stands in awe of you to such an extent that your word to Him is gold.

Could you be instrumental in just getting us an agreement so that in future time Patty and I would be able to count on the return of our necessary old age cushion.

We are no longer asking for our cash back immediately from Dan who appears unable to do that.”

On April 17, 1994, Roy wrote the following remark to Karl:

“Since we live in the expectation that our money cannot possibly be entirely gone in such a short length of time, we have not taken our case to the State Attorney.

But at our age we need certain guarantees that in the future our principle is returned as promised or we will be forced to go to the State Attorney for what little protection of our interests he can provide.”

On April 28, 1994, Roy wrote the following remark to Karl, Dan, Joe and Jim:

“It will always be amazing to many of us, the so-called “ investors” and church leaders alike, that two privileged men who claim to believe in Jesus could deliberately inflict so much suffering on mostly elderly people, like ourselves, for just about the only motivation capable of fueling such a machine-pure greed.”

On April 28, 1994, Roy wrote the following remark specifically to Joe:

“Joe, the promise that Gary [Pernice] has our funds intact and ready to return to us is probably another false promise like the one which appears in my documentation concerning Dan’s pledge about returning our funds by March 3rd “before 11:00 A.M.”

Now there is no reply to any of our communications from Pastor Strader or Dan, and the State Attorney has picked up on this hard nosed attitude.

How could Dan Strader, supposedly our friend, using the sense of morality we hear so much from the pulpit of the Carpenter’s home church so misuse our trust of him to take illegally our life savings from us and then not even have the courtesy to contact us in any way.”

On April 28, 1994, Roy wrote the following remark to Karl, Joe, and Jim:

“The State Attorney has told us that we were absolutely lied to about where our money went and the use of it to pay people we do not know..

When is Dan Strader going to start to tell the truth?”

On April 28, 1994, Roy wrote the following remark to Karl, Joe and Jim:

“It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to read between the lines well enough to determine from concern expressed on the phone the centrality of our case to his [State Attorney] ability to prove fraud, the conviction of which will put Danny away for a long time.”

When Lonnie was appointed, the new principal of Evangel in 1994, Jim assured the existing staff of Evangel School, including Patricia that they weren’t to be fearful of their jobs if they were planning to return. On May 27, 1994, Jim met with Patricia requesting that she was to turn over her responsibilities for the Prayer Tower ministry to his secretary, until everything regarding Dan Strader’s problem had ‘blown over.’

On June 3, 1994, Patricia Aldrich was called into a meeting with Jim and Lonnie, and she was told that she was not to be part of the teaching staff in the fall because she didn’t fit Lonnie’s profile for the school.

Ironically, Lonnie, as the new Principal of the school was terminated in November, 1995 because he too didn’t fit the profile of the decision makers and executors of CHC Inc.–namely Karl Strader and the Secretary-Treasurer, Jim. He was replaced by the associate pastor was appointed to become the new principal of Evangel School.

Ironically, the former Principal of Evangel School, Dave, wrote a recommendation for Patricia, on May 20, 1994, which contained the following remarks:

“She has exceptional writing and journalistic skills, takes directions well and follows through on every assignment. She is personable, highly intelligent, and of impeccable integrity and character.”

This  recommendation was noted by others and Patricia found work as a school teacher in Orlando. However, this is not a recommendation that could be written about the Straders because it would be a gross “heavenly exaggeration” to religious folks or a “downright lie” to common folks.

Well, on June 23, 1994, Roy Aldrich wrote the following about something’s that are a secret even to this very day concerning Karl’s salary and Dan’s contributions to CHC in its hour of difficulty.

“We think that you might find our testimony against Dan Strader scheduled for next Monday A.M. interesting for two reasons:

1) Unlike many of the other investors our $100,000 loan completely disappeared in just one month from December 20, 1993 to January 20, 1994 when it was to be returned. Dan gave us unqualified assurances that even if we received no profit, our money was not being put at risk, which is the reason we trusted him;

2) My wife Patricia, taught in the Carpenter’s Home Church day school and performed many other functions in support of the church and the Strader ministry. That she was not only robbed but subsequently fired by the Strader ministry is significant in view of the Strader statements that the church was not involved.

Also during the time frame being investigated by the trial, Dan made substantial monetary contributions to his father’s church with what quite possibly will be proven to be largely stolen money bilked from the numerous victims.

The church will not reveal the amounts received from Dan Strader since 1989, the approximate beginning time of the alleged scam. [Also the time when Karl Strader rewrote the Articles of Incorporation of Carpenters Home church Inc., and made himself the sole executive and boss.]

The amount of Pastor Strader’s salary has always been a closely held secret, and that fact may explain why the church will not be forthcoming with any help for state investigators and why Straders are so arrogant toward the media and are so contemptuous about ‘government in the sunshine.’”

However, the Aldriches would continue to be ignored and rebuffed by their Senior Pastor and former friend, who not only refused to see them, but he had Joe fire Patricia from Evangel Christian school where she worked at the church.

The Straders would also spread lies about the Aldriches which many, including my family and I, believed when we first attended CHC. It was very sad and hurtful the way they were treated by others in the Assembly of God because of the actions of Pastor Karl Strader, who was defending his son and himself from what had happened and what was being written in the newspapers.

What also amazed me is that Pastor Karl Strader and others in CHC received these letters from Roy, which they never directly acknowledged, although Karl used his right hand man, Brother Joe to deal with and speak to Roy, yet they still maintained that his son Dan and did nothing wrong.

The $100,000 dollars that Dan Strader had stolen from the Aldriches was their life’s savings for retirement and they were deeply hurt. Not only did they lose their nest egg for their old age they lost their steady source of income.



Signs, Wonders & Miracles



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Government Intervention Needed to Curb Religious Financial Fraud

An Overview of Religious Financial Fraud

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2 thoughts on “THE STRADERS

  1. Pingback: Testerman’s Con on Tampa Bay (part one) | Church Slander

    1. WALTHOPE Post author

      Laughing Ron Clark
      Roy Aldrich, a retired school teacher, who was robbed of a $100,000 by Dan and Karl Strader, knew that Pastor Karl Strader was an enemy of good men.




      And one time in 1993-95 Randy White, husband of Paula White, Ron Clark and Rodney Howard Browne were the Three Musketeers and were into the Holy Laughter thing! Benny Hinn and Rodney’s Holy Laughter is demonic and doesn’t produce Christian Character and breaks up homes, marriages and churches as testified by Ron Clark and Randy White’s divorce.

      Even though the adulterous wife lied under oath and was sentenced to probation. I do believe that she was telling the truth about his “hiding the money overseas”…..the $400,000………that’s not chump change!! I am not surprised there was not money trail…..that is how all of them operate……they fly under the radar!! Just because he didn’t get caught, doesn’t mean it was true. My observation with liars is that there are “some truths” in their stories!! Yep, the money part is the true part. She was ousted for being an adulterous and she wanted to oust him for stealing $$$$.

      Having known and met personally Ron Clark and his closer advisor as well as Karl and Stephen Strader, all of whom were involved with the false demonic Third Wave revival at Carpenter’s Home (RODNEY HOWARD BROWNE THE FLEECER I can say that Ron Clark was not only a hypocrite but devoid of integrity and deceived and loved the great deceiver Oral Roberts whose prophesies about Living Water Church were false and never came to pass.


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