AA I had been a Christian for 33 years. I loved The Lord and knew that He loved me; for He had shown me over and over again. I knew that My Heavenly Father was on my side, answered my prayers and that He Alone had carried through all my years. My life had many twists, turns, missteps, mistakes and various tragedies. The broken road had left me wounded, broken, afraid, confused and hopeless. Doing everything in my own strength and lacking the power to change. Even still, I knew that God had a Divine Purpose, Plan and Outcome for my life. One that He predestined me for before I was ever born. If I didn’t get anything else right in this lifetime, I had this yearning in the deepest part of me to accomplish that one thing. Yet, I knew something was missing?

Then one day my friend, Walt, taught me about Baptism of Holy Spirit. ( http://wp.me/P2M7AJ-4v ) How all my prayers were feeble, in the flesh prayers. But, when you pray In The Gift of Tongues, God’s Prayer Language, that The Holy Spirit intercedes for you and petitions the Throne Of Heaven on your behalf. Praying God’s Reqest for your life….His Divine Purpose, Plan, Will and Outcome. I knew immediately that was what I’d been missing all these years.

Walt’s friend and pastor Gordon volunteered to pray for me! He prayed for me to receive the Baptism Of The Holy Spirit with evidence of The Gift of Tongues. In that moment everything changed. As though I had stepped into the light of God’s Grace and His Mercy found me. Yes, I spoke with a new language and it was beautiful. Immediately, I noticed that deep pain in my heart was gone and replaced with a fullness. He had me pray in English then in my prayer language; it came naturally as though I had spoken that language my whole life. It was apparent that The Holy Spirit had a lot to pray for me, no doubt.

The next few days I continued as the Pastor taught me. I enjoy praying in the spirit and want to make up for all the lost years. I noticed quite a few changes about myself since my Baptism though. All the sorrow, brokenheartedness, anguish, fear, doubt, and confusion are gone and replaced with a deep peace, happiness, hope, gentleness,kindness and laughter. I can breathe as though a huge weight is lifted off me. All the anger, resentment, bitterness and questions have faded away and remembered no more. It is truly a new beginning that I have waited oh so long for. Now, with The Holy Spirit as my friend, counselor, teacher, guide, helper and interceding on my behalf, I have peace in knowing that finally together we are going to get to accomplish all that God intended from the beginning. Yes, My Heavenly Father’s Divine Purpose, Plan, Will and Outcome for my life. Nothing More, Nothing Less. Thank You Lord for remembering me. Halleluiah and Amen.

In Christ,
Karen Williams

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