BGPeople are getting very political and divided. But what about the Holy Spirit blowing someone across a room and healing them? What about blind eyes seeing, deaf hearing? Not a big topic in the big churches. So many churches, large places, large congregations, but no miracles. If you are just a social or political movement why bother? The vast lukewarm powerless church, an ocean of apathy, a boundless horizon of dimwits, a teeming forest of blind guides. Everything artificial, artifices, idols, carved, cast, molded, coddled, propped up, wrapped, tinsel and lights, shadow puppets. Beneath the flames take on more and more, above a heaven calls and calls. I don’t see it happening. I just don’t see the church as the church. Obviously there must be a harlot and a bride. They can’t be the same thing. There must be a real church somewhere, someone, somehow, but in the bright lights and sound systems, how can one hear the still small voice amidst so much stage craft? And yet it is written, “a dimly burning wick he shall not quench”… That means He will not snuff out the dimwits. He will fan the dimly burning wicks into flame! He came to cast fire upon the earth!…..
“I have come to cast fire upon the earth; and how I wish it were already kindled!”
Cody Stromberg


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