Prayer Against Sicknesses

1Prayer Against Sicknesses and Other Demonic Spirits

Heavenly Father by Your divine holy authority, I take dominion and authority over every spirit of infirmity. I nullify every wicked dart of sickness and illness that the enemy can possibility use to attack me in any form or shape. I decree and declare that no weapon of sickness or illnesses fashioned or formed against me by any spirit of infirmity shall prosper. I destroy every sickness plan the enemy can possibility have against me and I reduce it all to nothing!

In the mighty name of Jesus, I declare that the LORD Jesus is my Healer and by His holy stripes, I am totally healed. I soak myself in the atonement blood of Jesus and I cancel every general illness plan upon my life. I engulf the camp of infirmity spirits with Holy Ghost fire. I consume every power of illness with the fire of the Holy Ghost, and I render every satanic sickness power the occult can possibly use against me useless.

I rebuke every spiritual foundation of sickness and I command every infirmities spirit to bow right now to the authority that is in the name of Jesus Christ. I decree that it is perfectly well with my soul, and I decree that my entire being shall manifest the healing power of the LORD Jesus in all aspects of my existence.

I declare that the blood of Jesus is against every spirit of sickness ( and other demonic spirit) that can possibility try to attack me. I say with confidence that I am the healed and redeemed of the LORD and by the precious blood of the Lamb, it shall continue to be well with me. I release the judgement fire of the Holy Ghost upon every stubborn spirit of sickness and illnesses and demonic spirit. I confess and declare that total healing has taken place by the blood of Jesus in all aspects of my life, and I forbid by the authority of the Holy Ghost any reoccurrence of sickness or demonic spirit in my life. I cover myself with the atonement blood of Jesus, and I declare that I carry the mark of Christ therefore, let no infirmities spirits or demonic spirit ever trouble me! In Jesus holy name and by His righteous authority I have decreed and declared! Amen.

NOTE: There are other demonic spirits besides the spirit of infirmity that create havoc in the life of believers which can be named, rebuked and taken authority over by this prayer. Demonic spirits such as lust, poverty, adultery, immorality, lying, addiction, thievery, etc!

“The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe” (Proverbs 18:10).
Demonology &  Deliverance 

Daily Prayer

Dear heavenly Father, I give You thanks and praise for sparing my life to see another day. I rejoice in Your presence oh LORD in this day and I exalt You for renewing Your mercies upon my life daily. I commit this day into Your hands. I pray You will keep me in Your Holy Spirit presence as I come and go. Clear my path oh LORD from every obstacles. Remove every evil mountains and stronghold from my path of destiny. Fill me up oh LORD with Your knowledge and wisdom. Order my footsteps daily and let Your glorious light shine brighter upon me. Keep me in Your righteous path. Honour Yourself in me daily oh LORD my God. Count me always amongst your redeemed living souls. And keep me daily in perfect steadfast walk with You. Increase my faith, hope and trust in You and keep me far away from every unholy and ungodly associations.

Bless me daily oh LORD with Your divine attributes of patience. Help me to discern right from wrong and enable me to always choose right between right and wrong. Open wider the eyes of my understanding and save me from erroneous judgements and from wrong conclusions. Counsel me daily with Your holy counsel and let Your counsel always guide my conscience and let it always be the only source for my decision making in life.

Help me to serve You daily in righteousness diligence and in good faith. Increase Your authority and boldness in me so I can without fear declare Your truth across the earth. Consume the spirits of fear with Your judgement fire and destroy every plan of the enemy to cripple me with fear. Watch over me daily oh LORD my God with Your watchful eyes, and as I come and go, let me remain in uprightness position with You. Let no evil spirit come near me and let no evil ever befall me. Let no evil weapon of the enemy ever prosper or work against me.

Anoint my feet daily with Your holy oil and make me daily a bearer of the Gospel Good News. Encourage me oh LORD to encourage others. Enable and inspire me daily so I can be a source of inspiration and enablement for others. Provide in Your abundance for my needs and equip me financially so I can be perfectly positioned to minister to the needs of others for Your goodness name sake. Let Your joy exceedingly increase in me oh LORD my Maker. Let Your laughter fill my soul. Let Your praise fill my heart. Let the meditations of my heart please You. Let my desires be of Your holy will. Let me always honour and glorify You in all that I do oh LORD my God.

Sanctify my tongue daily and make it always an instrument of righteousness and holy worship. Make me a true worshipper daily and let me always worship You in spirit and in truth. Let no corrupt conversation take place in my mind. Let no evil communication proceed forth from my mouth. Let no sorrowful thoughts form in my mind. Sanctify my lips for Your praise and purify my heart daily oh LORD to be obedient to Your divine Will and humbly recipient to Your perfect ways.

Shield me from the confusion darts of the enemy. Protect my mind from the wicked suggestions of the enemy and let no subliminal messages of the evil ones gain entrance into my mind to pollute it. Help me to be obedient to You daily and protect my soul from rebellious thoughts. Increase Your holy anointing upon my life. Deliver me from all evil and lead me not into temptations. Guard and shield my heart, my soul, body, spirit and mind oh LORD with Your whole armoured shield. Have Your perfect way in me always oh LORD my God and faithful Redeemer.

Open the floodgates of heaven and pour Your blessings generously daily upon me. Let Your anointing rain of power fall upon me non stop and let me always operate and function in the overflow of Your anointing power. Focus my attention on You daily oh LORD my Christ. Make a way for me daily my LORD where there seem to be no way. Perfect my ways daily and let Your joy continually be my strength oh LORD my God. Let Your blessings in my life in this day and for the rest of my life be permanent oh King of glory! Let Your grace and mercies continually rest and abide with me now and for ever.
In Jesus mighty name I have prayed. Amen.

Psalms 19:14
“Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer.”



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