(Pastor Brian Machache)

(Eph 6:18)(Phi 4:6)(1 Thess 5:17)(Luke 18:1)

As children of God we need to learn to pray always.A praying Christian is better than a Christian who doesn’t pray at all but knowing how to pray will produce better results than just praying.There are various kinds of prayers that a believer should learn to pray.

1)The Prayer of Consecration (Mat 26:39)

In this type of prayer you offer yourself to the Lord for His perfect will to be done. God loves children who want His will to be done.

2) Praying in the Spirit  (Jude 20)

This is when you just give yourself to praying in other tongues.The Holy Spirit knows what we don’t know hence when we pray in the spirit we pray for the unknown .

3) The Prayer of Faith (James 5:15)

When we are praying for the sick we need to pray the prayer of faith.This prayer may be short but very full of faith.

4) Prayer of Thanksgiving (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

We need to learn to go before God just thanking him for what he has done,what he is doing and what he will do.

5)The prayer of agreement (Mat 18:19)(Deu 32:30)

There is power in agreement and unity.There are some situations in your life that require you to look for someone and pray in agreement with that person believing God to bring a change to the situation.

6) The Prayer of Petition (Mtt 21:22)(Mk 11:24)(Mtt 7:7)

The prayer of petition is when you pray for your individual requirements.There are many things that you require as an individual which you need to ask your heavenly father to provide you.

7)The prayer of worship (Act 13:2)

Worship is more of honouring God for who he is not for what he has done or what he will do.In this prayer we need to tell God who he is to us.He is our father,the creator,the omnipresent and all powerful God.

8) The Prayer of Commitment (Phi 4:6) (Mat 6:25-27)(1Pe 5:7)

This is a prayer where you need to surrender all your cares/challenges to God.There are problems in this life that you cannot handle in your own power.Everything that looks too big for your mind or strength don’t try to fix it,just surrender it to God.

9)The prayer of intercession (Eze 22:30)

This is the prayer of standing for others not yourself.There is a time when we need to put aside our personal needs as children of God and just pray for others.

a)Intercede for your nation
b)Intercede for your family
c)Intercede for your church
d)Intercede for your enemies


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