Any Revival devoid of Repentance is false and demo

Soaking is simply spending time in God’s Presence, rather than striving in prayer. It’s about resting in His Presence, experiencing Him and choosing to be intimate with Him. God desires that we would know Him. We were each created in His image, created with a need for relationship. God made it possible for each of us to have relationship with Him by sending His son, Jesus, to die on the cross for our sins. While we base our theology on the Bible, our experiences with God make the truth come alive in our lives. When we soak we focus on Him. Soaking puts us in a position where we are often more able to hear His voice and receive His love. It is also an opportunity for us to pour out our hearts to Him It’s about living in and enjoying an on-going relationship with our Creator. As people have soaked in God’s Presence, they have experienced profound heart changes. Their marriages have been healed, their fears dispelled, and sicknesses have left and lives have been transformed.

Acts 8: 5  Then Philip went down to the city of Samaria and preached Christ to them.
6 And the multitudes with one accord heeded the things spoken by Philip, hearing and seeing the miracles which he did.
7  For unclean spirits, crying with a loud voice, came out of many who were possessed; and many who were paralyzed and lame were healed.
8 And there was great joy in that city.

The demonised idiots in the Third Wave make a lot of claims about the success of their ministry programs but unfortunately for them they don’t offer much proof of their successes in terms of valid testimonies of lives transformed, marriages healed, families saved, or businesses transformed like the Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship “Voice” magazine used to do in the days it was alive, vibrant and influential.

I am not a novice when it comes to Christianity or Pentecostalism and have seen all kinds of things including meetings at Melodyland Christian Center, Anaheim, California, Second World Conference on the Holy Spirit in Israel, Revival with Rodney Howard Browne at Karl Strader’s Carpenter’s Home Church Lakeland, Florida, Todd Bentley meetings at Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, Toronto, Florida, etc.

Yes I have seen it all at the meetings but after it was all said and done there were not many significant changes in the lives of the people who went to these meetings. Rather I saw and met people who became very weird and off the wall and whose theology was extremely faulty. I met in these meetings pastors who ran around the church backwards carry communion elements, had suffered from bipolar disorder for years, were never healed and whose churches literally died.

I didn’t see in these meetings what transpired at Philip’s meetings where  Philip  preached Christ and the multitudes with one accord heeded the things spoken by Philip, hearing and seeing the miracles which he did.  For unclean spirits, crying with a loud voice, came out of many who were possessed; and many who were paralyzed and lame were healed. And I didn’t read in magazines any great testimonies by ordinary people as a result of these meetings of what God did for them. But I did see and read bad reports from these meetings of marriages and churches destroyed, of thievery and adultery, including:

Kristin Gallo  SAYS JANUARY 30,2015 8:27 AM
I acquired a rather nasty kundalini that way. Laying on hands promises of immediate miracles and prosperity. Yea it almost killed me. That is a true story. I had psychic ability and everything. I had severe anxiety too. Yea that was not fun. I even heard a witch cackling in the night. Prosperity churches are witchcraft. I learned that the hard way. I almost felt a euphoria for months I didn’t see any reason to not sin. It was a complete twisting in my mind. When I started reading my bible  again and looking for a more honest church I completely lost my mind. Demonic things are very real. I had no idea I would invite one in at a church. Strange confusing times we are in.

Karamba says: October 1, 2010 at 6:50 pm
I ask that you please be careful when getting yourselves involved with people from those circles. (NAR/Charismatics/Third Wave) My life and mental health has been ruined as a result, and many people have gone off to even kill themselves, because it is that severe. There are counterfeit, mind control, jezebel and witchcraft demons operating in those circles, I don’t know if you believe in such things but it is the truth. Be very careful please. People in those circles come off as zombie like. I feel so ill at ease at their meetings. It’s like everything is very artificial. It’s all about who knows who, who’s the most spiritual, about becoming the next hot leader, about building ministries and making money. Jesus is not even preached and if He is, it’s a mere detail. There is a lot of “honoring” going on between leaders but no honor for Jesus. There is a lot of error, beating up of the sheep. It’s bad to have natural feelings, it’s like it’s a bad thing. Feeling is bad, questioning is bad, everything is bad. The result is you get clones who talk the same and rehash the same scriptures out of context and quotes without having a personal relationship with God nor understanding what it is they talk about. It’s a grave sin to even question anything leadership says and does, but then you hear bad things…very bad things. Even some instances where women have been abused, young girls molested but the leader is still the untouchable anointed one and keep getting invited in those talk shows where everyone wants to be, equivalent to Leno or Oprah, I don’t know. There is a lack of basic human emotions. You never hear “sorry I was wrong”, “sorry about that”, “Oh I made a mistake” It’s just all very artificial and cold and fake. Even the people in the world have more feelings and love and authenticity, sad to say. The LORD JESUS HIMSELF has asked me to QUESTION everything I hear esp. from books and so-called preachers and apostles. We spend time talking for hours and I ask Him one question after the next. Even things that the average Christian would find offensive, but HEY…God is not offended. And HE ALWAYS ANSWERS and makes sure I understand. And the answer is not what you hear in most churches. I feel bad for people who think they know the truth but truly are very empty inside. Jesus died so we could have a PERSONAL relationship with HIM, not emulate and idolize a leader. Yes we can encourage but sadly today, the line between real wholesome encouragement and idol worship has become blurred.

The reason some are angry, mean and arrogant is because they are empty inside and have no relationship with Jesus Christ.

Be careful you’ve been warned. It’s not a game.


Briefly, all the (Third Wave) ministries involved so far, i.e. Mike Bickle of IHOP, Todd Bentley ,and Rick Joyner have all been influenced by the strange spirituality of Bob Jones Jones who claims that he goes to heaven “three times every day as part of his rapture exercises”, as well as the ministry of William Branham who whilst alive claimed that the zodiac and pyramids had as much spiritual authority as the bible. We therefore need to urgently test this latest “move of God”, its leaders and its spirituality, with discernment and against scripture.

1 Jn 4; 1 “do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God”.

I hate these modern day Third Wave revivals with the Fake Holy Spirit: Counterfeit spirits (‟FIRE‟ called down from heaven / slain in the spirit) are brought onto people, Strange manifestations (Kundalini spirit manifestations) Laughing and other sounds, Drunkenness Electricity sensation, No control of your body – Paralysed on the floor, Convulsing, jerking or flailing about Visions, Demonic Visitations and Trips to Heaven and Hell!

I hate their Occult experiences: Out of body experiences Visiting people in dreams, Visiting places (earthly or heavenly), Third Heaven or „trips to heaven and hell‟ experiences, Communicating with the dead in visions (be it saints or angels) is necromancy!

I dislike their New Age and/or Occultists beliefs/teaching/practice: Portals, gateways, spiritual gates, Heavenly realms, prayer realms, seer realms, glory realms Spiritual altars, Opening the Heavens with Ekstasis Worship, Spiritual hotspots, geographical areas that are more spiritual than others Atmosphere, vibrations, light, sound and colours, Numerology -applying symbolism or significance to numbers

I dislike their invention of keywords to describe their demonic counterfeit experiences and theology: keywords: apostolic, new wine, glory, refreshing, latter rain, glory cloud, soaking (same as meditating), move into the supernatural, prophetic, new breed, third wave, purpose driven, winds of change, winds of revival, supernatural motion, glory of the Lord, birthing, God’s kingdom is further being established on earth as it is in heaven, angelic hosts being released, connection points, portals, revival hubs, releasing, impartation’s or imparted with… , DNA, quantum, spiritual covering, global harvest, rains of revival, great awakening, new age, new dawn, suddenlies, oneness in Christ, unity, secret place, glory of God manifests on earth, visitation or visitations, paradigm, shifting, alignment, transported, prophetic towers, revolution, revolutionary, vertical and horizontal apostles, new beginnings, soaking in the Glory, operate in the glory and power of God, city transformation, activating and mobilizing others into their gifting, accurate prophetic words, prophetess, Nazarite, passion for revival, intercessor, releasing power and glory, promise keepers (mighty men, iron men), rise up  army of believers, passing on the mantle, Elijah legacy, Anointings named after biblical people, Slain in the Spirit, transformation, reformation, third heaven, opening the heavens, God is doing a new thing in your life, increasing your anointing, pulling up the tent stakes, God is increasing your territory, etc…”

I dislike their False prophets, Money changers and cult ways: IHOP is the bastard child of he now debunked and evil Kansas City Prophets alliance which spawned the twisted and deviant line of sexual predator Bob Jones, homosexual alcoholic Paul Cain, convicted child abuser, serial adulterer Todd Bentley. Mike Bickle led a team of false prophets as KCP prophesying in 1990 that the UK would experience great revival. Not only does history show this to be false, but affirms the very opposite to be true. The UK has slid further into moral and spiritual decline ever since.
From Kansas City to the religious fiasco in Toronto ,to the failed revival at Brownsville resulting in a major church split and public financial scandal, and on to the infamous heresy and abuse of Lakeland.

The same odious characters at the core attracting like-minded charlatans including the Strader bothers, Daniel imprisoned until 2036 for defrauding elderly Christians out of $3million and Stephen who was thought by the judge to be just as guilty. After Bentley‟s exposure in the USA on ABC Nightline he was swiftly removed from ministry to prevent further scrutiny. Not only was he unable to provide evidence of a single healing, many who were pronounced healed have since died. Furthermore the Arnold Palmer Hospital has stated that claims of resurrections were bogus.

A thread of carnality and heresy runs through the veins of this movement whose very DNA was present in the disgraced William Branham. It would seem that many Christians have still to learn that our privilege of calling is fulfilled in the PURSUIT OF GOD, not experiences. The twisted “charisma” of these false teachers/prophets bears no resemblance to the biblical practice of charismata or charismatic gifting as spoken of by Paul in 1Cor 14.

It’s obvious to most people that Todd Bentley and his Florida revival was an absolute dud and of demonic origin. And Todd Bentley, the criminally convicted homosexual pedophile turned drunken heretic and adulterer who kicked old ladies in the face and stomach on YouTube at the failed Lakeland, Florida counterfeit revival has entered into a biblically adulterous re- marriage while under a ―process of restoration‖ led by biblically proven false prophet Rick Joyner.

Bentley was ring master at a debacle of lunacy and false healing debunked on national TV orchestrated by the infamous Strader family, whom the District Attorney implicated in financial scandals defrauding elderly Christians of millions of dollars. While the Florida District Attorney publicly names Pastor Steve Strader as complicit in the swindling, his brother was sent to prison for over 30 years as a professional gangster under American anti racketeering RICO statutes. Bob Jones was debunked as a sexual predator with vulnerable women while Paul Cain was publicly disclosed to be a drunken pervert with a life long history of alcoholism and homosexuality. (Jacob Prasch)

In 2009 after the revival failed and Todd Bentley divorced his wife, Rick Joyner led the restoration team which included leaders who had vouched for Bentley‘s good character in the past even as he was deceiving us all, and has posted a letter on his web page. We are informed that ‗Even so, they are married now and are resolved to make the most of their marriage, their lives, and to continue to serve the Lord in the best way that they can.

Their being married far from making it right has in my view made matters even worse and totally disqualified Todd Bentley from any reinstatement in ministry in the foreseeable future. It means there is no repentance. He has simply gone into outright rebellion by marrying his mistress. Even if his wife had chosen to divorce him, which does not seem to be the case, a more judicious, moral and righteous course of action would have been to break off this adulterous relationship and stay celibate before God Instead, he remarries quickly. And we are put before the fait accompli. Is there a recent translation of the New Testament that decrees that the solution to adultery is to quickly divorce the offended party and marry the mistress? ( Pastor Bola Olivia Ogedengbe, ABBA HOUSE church, Paris)

The jerking in Toronto, Brownsville or any other revival place is not a sign of the Holy Spirit but of a Kundalini demon which infiltrated Christianity mainly in North America through Rodney Howard Browne! The fact is the bible never talks about ―jerking‖ being an attribute of the Holy Spirit but rather it states but the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control THE KEY WORD HERE IS SELF-CONTROL AND WHEN YOU ARE POSSESSED BY A DEMONIC KUNDALINI SPIRIT THERE IS NO CONTROL AND THAT IS TOTALLY WRONG AND AGAINST SCRIPTURE

And it’s a fact that all the prophecies and prayers seen in the Todd Bentley Apostolic and Prophetic commissioning were false, useless and dead! It would have been very useful instead of just making a general statement “We believe another strong wave of Revival will descend upon us very soon. We have had several encouraging Prophetic Words recently, that God is about to move again very powerfully” that we were told who these prophets were and what was their proven track record so we could do what the scripture tells us to do in 1 Corinthians 14 “Let two or three prophets speak, and let the others judge” instead of taking the word of fools who supported and mentored Todd Bentley!

Bud Press of Christian Research tells us the truth about them:
The Prophetic Movement is a dark, evil wasteland teeming with false apostles, false prophets, hyper-heretics, false healers, and greedy, money-hungry con men and women, all of whom are overshadowed by Satan and his demonic forces.

From the Prophetic Movement came doctrines of demons such as: man is a “god” or “God;” Jesus took on Satan’s nature, sinned, and had to be born again in hell; God is subject to man’s desires and wishes; visits to heaven and hell; fabricated and lying signs and wonders; extra-Biblical dreams, visions, and revelations; man-infested manifestations; prosperity poverty; and one-on-one encounters with angels, Old Testament prophets, New Testament apostles, and “Jesus Christ”.

In 1939 Smith Wigglesworth prophesied to Lester Sumrall about the final wave of Gods glory: “After that, after the third wave,” he started sobbing. “I see the last day revival that’s going to usher in the precious fruit of the earth. It will be the greatest revival this world has ever seen! It’s going to be a wave of the gifts of the Spirit. The ministry gifts will be flowing on this planet earth. I see hospitals being emptied out, and they will bring the sick to churches where they allow the Holy Ghost to move.”



The dangers within the Latter Rain Revival Movement, Mystics, and Apostolic and Prophetic Movement.

Drunk and Laughing “in the spirit” – Slaughter of the Sheep
Strange Fire – Gold Dust and Gems Falling From Heaven
FALSE Prophetess Heidi Baker and her “strange fish”
Karl Strader is History
Roy Aldrich, a retired school teacher, who was robbed of a $100,000 by Dan and Karl Strader, knew that Pastor Karl Strader was an enemy of good men.


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