By having a Close Relationship with God
By having and Exercising God given Authority and Power
By Believing in the Promises of God
By Meeting the Conditions for every Promise that we claim
By Having Faith and Trust in God and his Supernatural Power which operates in and through us
By Realizing that He that is in us is Greater than him that is in the world
By Speaking Boldly and with authority, consistent with the Word of God
By Doing the Will of God
By Obeying the Word of God
By Flowing with the Holy Spirit discerning His Voice and Presence
By Pleasing, Praising and Worshipping God
By being conscious of God’s Presence and Walking and Talking with God daily


“…for as a prince hast thou power with God and with men…” Genesis 32:28 (This was God’s Promise to Jacob)

Having a Close and Intimate Relationship with God
Having Fellowship and Friendship with God
Having Constant Communication with God
Being an Obedient Servant of God
Being able to Listen to the Voice of God
Having Frequent Encounters with God
Being able to Discern the Will of God
Living a Holy and Righteous Life
Having a Covenant with God
Being richly Anointed with the Holy Spirit
Fearing and Honoring God


1. By Loving each other
2. By Forgiving each other
3. By Sharing with each other
4. By Worshipping together
5. By Following God’s Law applicable to the Family
6. By Praying together
7. By Serving God together
8. By being Admonished, Corrected and Counseled by the head of the Family
9. By becoming an Integral Part of the Church
10. By maintaining the Highest Moral, Social and Spiritual Standards


1. Because it is Ordained to God
2. Because God has Some Blessings as a Whole
3. Because a Family that Prays together stays together
4. Because a Family consists of Members which love each other the most
5. Because a Family members have close Fellowship and Friendship
6. Because the lives of everyone is revolving around the Family
7. Because in Family there is Safety and Strength
8. Because in Family there is greatest Joy and Fulfillment in Life
9. Because in Family the Social, the Economic, the Security and the Spiritual needs are met
10. Because in Family there is Accountability and Responsibility in all areas of life including Morality


“Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shall be saved and thy house (Acts 11:14)”
1. A Family is an Institution Ordained by God
2. A Family consists of the Husband, Wife and the Children
3. A Family is recognized by God as a unit for which God has some blessings for all members collectively
4. A Family is the Smallest Unit in the Society
5. A Family Dwells together in a Home
6. Each member of a Family has a specific Role and Responsibility
7. A Family should be bound by Love and Fellowship
8. A Family is also called a Household
9. A Family has a Financial Budget
10. A Family has a collection of things for their common use
11. A Family has a Common Meal
12. A Family has a Head and an Authority Structure


‘Where your treasure is…there your heart will be also.’ Matthew 6:21 NIV

If your house was burning down and you could only save one thing, what would it be? It’s a decision people make every day, and it’s never easy. There’ll always be things we grieve about giving up because of their intrinsic value in our lives. If you want to know what yours are, look at how you spend your time and money. It’s a dead giveaway. Jesus said, ‘Where your treasure is…there your heart will be also.’ Your ‘treasure’ can be relationshipsyou’d do anything to keep, a career that’s central to your identity, or your investments for the future. These things are ok. Indeed, the Bible says that wise people look ahead and plan (Proverbs 21:20). But it’s where you’re investing for eternity that really matters. ‘The rich young ruler asked Jesus: “What shall I do to inherit eternal life?”…Jesus said…“Sell all…you have and distribute to the poor, and you will have treasure in Heaven; and come, follow Me.” But when he heard this, he became very sorrowful, for he was very rich.’ (Luke 18:18–23 NKJV) In essence, Jesus was asking this man who was rich and successful, ‘Would you give it all up to follow Me? Would you forfeit it for a few years in order to have much more for eternity? Instead of building a career, would you spend your life building My kingdom?’ Jesus wants to be ‘front and centre’ in your life. And when you put Him there, He promises, ‘All your other needs will be met as well.’ (Matthew 6:33 NCV) Are you willing to put Him to the test?


Luke 23:45 “And the sun was darkened, and the veil of the temple was rent in the midst.”

The veil spoken of here reached from the ceiling to the floor, from wall to wall, and separated the Holy of Holies from the holy place in the temple. Solomon’s temple was 30 cubits high (1 Ki. 6:2), but Herod increased the height to 40 cubits according to the writings of Josephus, a first century historian. Therefore, depending on what standard you use to convert cubits to feet (there is uncertainty as to exactly what a cubit equaled in our feet and inches), this veil was somewhere between 60 feet and 90 feet high.

It is significant that this veil was rent from top to bottom (Mt. 27:51; Mk. 15:38). No man could have torn the veil in this fashion. It was definitely God that rent the veil. The time when this veil was rent corresponds exactly with the moment Jesus died.

Hebrews 9:1-9 tells us that the veil separated the Holy of Holies, where God dwelt, from the rest of the temple, where men dwelt. This signified that man was separated from God by sin (Isa. 59:1-2). Only the high priest was permitted to pass beyond this veil, and only once each year (Ex. 30:10; Heb. 9:7). This symbolized the Christ who would enter into God’s presence for us and make an atonement.

The moment that Christ died, the veil was torn in two, revealing that the sacrifice had been made and that there is no longer any separation between God and man. Jesus tore the veil, that is to say His flesh (Heb. 10:20), in two and opened up a new way unto God through Himself.


By You I have been upheld from birth. —Psalm 71:6

Our heart beats about 100,000 times every day, pumping blood to every cell in our bodies. This adds up to about 35 million beats a year and 2.5 billion beats in an average lifetime. Medical science tells us that every contraction is similar to the effort it would take for us to hold a tennis ball in our palm and give it a good hard squeeze.

Yet as amazing as our heart is, it is only one example of a natural world that is designed to tell us something about our Creator. This is the idea behind the story of a man named Job.

Broken by a series of mounting troubles, Job felt abandoned. When God finally spoke, He didn’t tell Job why he was suffering. Nor did the Creator tell him that someday He would suffer for Job. Instead, He drew Job’s attention to a series of natural wonders that are always whispering to us—and sometimes shouting—about a wisdom and power far greater than our own (Job 38:1-11).

So what can we learn from the complexity of this hardworking muscle, the heart? The message may be similar to the sound of waves coming to shore and stars quietly shining in the night sky. The power and wisdom of our Creator give us reason to trust Him.

Lord, we are Yours, You are our God;
We have been made so wondrously;
This human frame in every part
Your wisdom, power, and love we see.

When we reflect on the power of God’s creation, we see the power of His care for us.


…let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith… – Hebrews 12:1–2, NKJV

It’s easy to be tempted to go through life competing with everyone around us when we see someone who’s more talented, better looking or has more gifts. Instead of running our race and being comfortable with who we are, oftentimes, we feel inferior and think, “I’ve got to catch up to them.” The problem with this unhealthy competition is that it’s a never-ending cycle.

There will always be someone ahead of us. But, it’s a very freeing thing when you realize, “I’m not competing with you. I don’t have to have as big a house as my neighbor to feel good about myself. I don’t have to keep up with my co-worker. I don’t have to be a certain size. I don’t have to have as many Christmas lights outside. No, I understand that I’m not in competition with my friend, my neighbor or my co-worker. Instead, I’m going to be the best me that I can possibly be.”

Contentment is an attitude God can work with. When you focus on being who God made you to be and focus on running your own race, that’s when you’ll see things happen. That’s when you’ll rise up higher and position yourself for every spiritual blessing He has in store for you!


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