Contemplative Prayer

Contemplative Prayer Gate Way to Demon Possession
Pat Holliday,P.H.D.

Gordon Robertson (son of  Pat Robertson,cbn) is a Third Wave follower who has the anointing of Shakti Kundalini power. He gives an “impartation” of sharti power releasing it upon Heidi Baker while meeting to teach unsuspecting Christians about Soaking prayers at 700 Club. This alien spirit works on the flesh of humans reducing their faith to zero in upon their emotions and sensations that sends waves of physical sensations of heat throughout their bodies. This is called Kundalini fire. It’s like a giant spiritual orgasm that ensnares the person to become chained by the evil spirits to desire to stir their emotions. They lose their ability to spiritually connect to the Spirit of Jesus. The strange fire being presented by Gordon and Heidi, is not the true gospel. Jesus told us to worship Him in the spirit and with truth.

You must believe that Satan and his demons are real before you can be effective in attacking their evil work. You have two spirits that are working for your soul, the Spirit of God and the spirit of the Devil. The Bible says, in 1st JOHN 4:1, “Beloved, believe not every SPIRIT, but test the SPIRITS to determine whether or not they are of GOD, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.”

This Shakti Power that is being promoted by Gordon is easily transferred by what occultist call a “Strange” touch. Bishop Samuel Kanco, former wizard, teaches that the “strange touch” is exactly how witches and wizards transfer demonic spirits into people. He claimed that a wizard could get into a cashier’s line and simply touch a person standing in front to transform a demon into that person.

-“Lay hands suddenly on no man, neither be partaker of other men’s sins: keep thyself pure.”

Infected Kundalini victims call it “impartation” of the power. In reality, it is transference of the Eastern Religious Kundalini Shakti power of cobra snake spirits. You will be able to literally to see how this eastern religious spirit is being transferred causing Christians to be transformed into silly Christians who no longer possess God’s power to convert people to the real Jesus. Instead, they are being conquered by an alien spirit. When Jesusand His blood sacrifice are no longer at the center of one’s message, it no longer is the Christian gospel.

2 Corinthian 11:4 – “For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him.” KJV

It would be wise for you to bind the powers of deceiving devils from trying to give you an “impartation” of this evil spirit and then ask Jesus to “Open your eyes to see and ears to hear, the truth of this video. It is full of Kundalini spirits.

Heidi, go on, get wasted.

Gordon speaks of this strange fire impartation as, “IT”. “Can you give “IT” to the people Heidi? Do you have “IT”. “DID YOU GET “IT” EVERYDAY? The Holy Ghost is not an “IT” In point of fact, “IT” is the name of another pagan god. (I will speak of this later).

Notice in the beginning, Hiedi Baker is lightly manifesting in the above film. Then she really got under a super spell of the Kundalini ‘energy” when Gordon touched her. She instantaneously started shaking uncontrollably and goofy laughing and going into a Kundalini frenzy. Slithering to the floor, she proceeded put on an idiotic fleshy show that is demeaning to attribute it the Holy Ghost. The Kundalini awakening is a paranormal experience that does make the flesh feel good and the person sinks into animalistic behavior; the strange sounds that Heidi is making with her vibrating tongue turns out to be the sound of Egyptian Mau cat.

“Heidi, are you having fun,” asked Gordon? “Touch Marguerite and pass “IT” on to her.” The other woman,Marguerite Evansimmediately started manifesting and reacted after Hiedi touched her “imparting” (transferring Kundalini snake demon) into her. This ungodly spirit Kundalini is passed around as easily as people swapping spit at a kissing party.

The weirdest factor of this supernatural experience is that Gordon’s personality and tone was like s robotic without a trace of emotion.

“Oh, just get wasted . . . get wrecked” Gordon instructs. He is using worldly terminology which are usually attributed to alcoholics. Of course people who have not been indoctrinated into this crazy demonic spirit, do not have a clue of what is happening. Many probably come to the conclusion that Christians are simply drinking whisky on television. No wonder secular people think Christians are stupid.

The infected “Woe” Kundalini women, hiss similar to hissing snakes as they touch the people to “GIVE “IT” AWAY.”

Did you hear Hiedi in her Kundalini manifestation of euphoria say the word Charka? What does it mean?  

The Chakras Portal

Chakras are the sacred centers within that carry us on our journey toward greater awareness and aliveness. As the architecture of the soul, they provide an important map for our wholeness and transformation, both personally and globally. As an ancient spiritual system, they show the path to enlightenment and integration.1

Did Heidi use her Hindu mantra during her demonic manifestation? In Hinduism when they meditate they use a mantra which is calling on the name of a demon god which will give the power for the transformation.

is a sound, syllable,word, or group of words that are considered capable of “creating transformation” (cf.spiritual transformation).[1]

Did Heidi reveal the name of her mantra? The mantra also becomes the spirit guide.


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