Acts 10:38 how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power, who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him.

Jesus Christ has not changed. He is a healing and miracle working Jesus who delights to do great and wonderful things for those who believe. And we are people who believe. We are people of faith who move in the anointing. We believe in healing by faith and in healing by the anointing. We teach faith and encourage people to exercise their faith.  But to minister by the anointing and to see instant healing the way Jesus did it, we have the same Jesus walking, living and talking in our midst. To minister healing we must have a relationship with Jesus. We must hear Him. We must reach out to Him.

Every healing Jesus did was out of His relationship with the Father. He heard the Father. It is good to pull Jesus around and let Him do the healing still. We must wait until water inside is stirred. Jesus did His works by His relationship with His Father. Likewise, we do the works by our relationship with Jesus. He is the vine and we are the branches. Without Him we can do nothing. And the Holy Spirit is our lifeline. He brings Jesus presence into our heart. He is the line through whom we can hear from Jesus.   We have to wait and be still until He decides to manifest His healing anointing, for the power of the LORD to be present to heal all. God’s word is unchanging:

Now it happened on a certain day, as He was teaching, that there were Pharisees and teachers of the law sitting by, who had come out of every town of Galilee, Judea, and Jerusalem. And the power of the Lord was present to heal them. Then behold, men brought on a bed a man who was paralyzed, whom they sought to bring in and lay before Him. And when they could not find how they might bring him in, because of the crowd, they went up on the housetop and let him down with his bed through the tiling into the midst before Jesus.  When He saw their faith, He said to him, “Man, your sins are forgiven you.”  And the scribes and the Pharisees began to reason, saying, “Who is this who speaks blasphemies? Who can forgive sins but God alone?” But when Jesus perceived their thoughts, He answered and said to them, “Why are you reasoning in your hearts?  “Which is easier, to say, ‘Your sins are forgiven you,’ or to say, ‘Rise up and walk’?  “But that you may know that the Son of Man has power on earth to forgive sins”-He said to the man who was paralyzed, “I say to you, arise, take up your bed, and go to your house.”  Immediately he rose up before them, took up what he had been lying on, and departed to his own house, glorifying God. And they were all amazed, and they glorified God and were filled with fear, saying, “We have seen strange things today!”  Luke 5:17-26

It’s to be noted that Jesus started and finished each day with prayer, even long hours of prayer. And to God the heart of man, including that of the person who ministered, was more important than outward appearance or character.  As a matter of fact Jesus never taught about excellence in ministry. He just ministered to the people! He had a servant heart and came to minister and not to be ministered too. He also taught that faith in God will do the impossible, with God nothing is impossible, and according to your faith it will be done for you.

It’s to be noted that ministry is not to facilitate the vision of the house and its evangelist or pastor.  Ministry is not to get rich off the sheep.  Ministry is not to purse a secret hidden agenda for prominence, fortune and fame like Judas who betrayed Jesus for his greed (Matthew 26:24, Luke 6; 16, Luke 22:3). Yes Judas healed the sick, cast out devils and fellowshipped with Jesus and also stole money from the treasurer and was a betrayer and traitor! Unlike others even of our day, Jesus did not just teach or preach but He did real works such as cast out devils, heal the sick, raise the dead, cause cripples to walk, and rebuked religious Pharisees who didn’t do such things! What Jesus lacked in any area of His life He made up for it by the power of the anointing. Prayer, knowledge of the Word of God and the anointing were the only things Jesus needed to minister to the poor, hurting and needy people. And He did a very successful job!

Most fundamentalists miss out the fact that Jesus Christ is not just a theology but a person and god and a miracle working friend which is what many don’t preach but get entangled in other things. GRACE STILL MEAN’S GOD RICHES AT CHRIST’S EXPENSE.

And many miss out an important characteristic of Jesus Mark 10:45 For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.”

Jesus is a healing miracle working Jesus who was in the now. That Jesus cares about everything that touches His own is a fundamental truth of the gospel: 1 Peter 5:7 casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.

Any other presentation of Jesus character is false. And the fact that Jesus cares and is a miracle working healing God gives us hope in any and every negative situation to believe for real change He wants to bring His change to every area of our lives. Yes, from glory to glory. We grow. And hence we are to look unto Jesus in all things.

Hebrews 12: 1 Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, 2 looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.

Very few preachers today the preach the full gospel of Jesus Christ that He is the same yesterday today and forever, the Savior, Healer, Deliverer, Baptizer in the Holy Spirit, Avenger, Defender, Rock, Shield, High Tower, friend and Mighty God who restored to Job not only his health after Satan attacked him but double his wealth! How come?

They preach a partial gospel of half truths and none of their words are confirmed by miracles signs and wonders following. See Our motto is, “No legitimate signs means a person is not sent from God”

 While it is true that most Word of Faith preachers do not preach repentance, one cannot fault all of them of not preaching the necessity of being born again and baptized with the spirit.  The top WOF  guys today Andrew Wommack, Larry Ollison and even Kenneth Copeland do this on occasion.

 But the errors that fundamentalists and dumb prosperity critics  make is to label them as only prosperity preachers which is not the case because these WOF guys  preach other things. And Andrew Wommack, Larry Ollison and even Kenneth Copeland have stated that true prosperity has nothing to do with money!

So how come these so called prosperity critics  never point out what Gloria Copeland stated about prosperity?

Never try to build a house without first laying a foundation.

I don’t care how eager you are to get it finished, how excited you are about filling it with furniture and decorating it all just right—take the time to put down a solid foundation first. If you don’t, that house will be so unstable it will soon come tumbling down.

That’s simple advice, isn’t it? Everyone with any sense at all knows it. Yet in the spiritual realm, people make that mistake all the time. They see a blessing God has promised them in His Word, and they are so eager to have it, they ignore the foundational basics of godly living and pursue just that one thing.

That’s especially true in the area of prosperity. Often, people are so desperate for a quick financial fix, they just pull a few prosperity promises out of the Bible and try to believe them—without allowing God to change anything else in their lives. Of course, it doesn’t work and those people end up disappointed. Sometimes they even come to the conclusion that it wasn’t God’s will for them to prosper after all.

But I can tell you today, from the Word of God and from personal experience: It is definitely God’s will for all of His children to prosper!

 That’s why He inspired the Apostle John to write, “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth” (III John 1).

 Notice there, however, that John didn’t just say, “I want you to prosper.” He said, “I want you to prosper as your soul prospers.” He tied financial prosperity to the prosperity of our mind, will and emotions.

 God’s plan is for us to grow financially as we grow spiritually. He knows it is dangerous to put great wealth into the hands of someone who is too spiritually immature to handle it. You can see dramatic evidence of that fact in the lives of people who have acquired financial riches through this world’s system, apart from God. In most cases, such riches just help people to die younger and in more misery than they would have if they’d been poorer.

 That’s because they use their wealth to sin in greater measure. They use it to buy all the cocaine they want and drink all the alcohol they want. They use it to pay for an immoral lifestyle that eventually destroys them.

 The wages of sin is death. That is an inescapable fact. So, when people get money and use it to sin, it does them more harm than good. As Proverbs 1:32 says, “…the prosperity of fools shall destroy them.”

Seek First Things First

 In light of that truth, it’s easy to see why God wants us to increase financially at the same rate we increase spiritually. He wants us to outgrow our fleshly foolishness so our prosperity will bring us blessing and not harm.

 “But Gloria,” you say, “I need financial help fast!”

 Then get busy growing. Get busy building your foundation for prosperity.

 How? By finding out what God says in His Word and doing it.

 You see, the foundation of prosperity is a continual lifestyle built on the Word of God. It is doing whatever God tells you to do, thinking whatever He tells you to think, and saying whatever He tells you to say.

 Godly prosperity is the result of putting God’s Word—all of it, not just the parts about financial prosperity—first place in your life. It comes when you apply His principles on a continual basis—not just because you want money, but because Jesus is your Lord and you want to follow Him. It comes when you start obeying the instructions Jesus gave us in Matthew 6:

 We must face the fact the so called bible believing fundies are not honest and see only what they want to see and hate the baptism of the spirit, the gifts of the Spirit  and tongues and miracles just like they did in all the Baptist churches I have attended over the years especially Idlewood Baptist church,  Tampa, Florida which hated with a passion charismatics!

Being good stewards with that which the Lord has given is important to God. He who is faithful with little much shall be given.  That pertains to everything; not just financial blessings.  God gives seed to the sower.  Yes, everything that God has entrusted us with belongs to god and to bring Him glory.  Not to bury it in the ground or use it for our own selfish ambition. We are blessed to be a blessing. Yes, God wants us to enjoy his blessings. Yet, at the same time bless others, share with those in need.  





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